In Nice Bombs filmmaker Usama Alshaibi returns to Baghdad to reunite with his family after nearly 24 years. This documentary navigates through his unique relationship to an Iraq that is much different than the country of his childhood. Usama captures the conflicting reactions to the conditions of life in Baghdad. Through a wide range of opinions and experiences he provides a broad panorama of voices long neglected under Saddam’s regime. His cousin Tareef enters the room upon hearing an explosion. “It’s a bomb. A Nice Bomb,” he explains. The phrase is indicative of his family’s nonchalance about their situation. As one young boy put it, “We’re Iraqis. It’s normal.” With humor and resilience Nice Bombs explores Usama’s dual role as both Iraqi and American.

76 minutes/ color/ video/ 2006

Directed by Usama Alshaibi

An Artvamp and Benzfilm Group Production

Produced by Kristie Alshaibi, Ben Berkowitz & Ben Redgrave

Executive Producers Studs Terkel, William Haddad & Justin Moyer

Distributed by Seventh Art Releasing

Edited by Amy Cargill. Michael Palmerio & Usama Alshaibi

Assistant Editor Kristie Alshaibi

Sound Mix Jacob Ross at Experimental Sound Studio

Additional Footage by Hameed Alshaibi, Tareef Alshaibi, Ahmed Al-Khaazali, The Battalion Al-Miqdad bin Al-Aswad & Ba'ath Television

Music "Dhakira," "Manfa," "Gharib," "Washik," "Zalam," "Hub,"
original score written and performed by Naeif Rafeh - Nay & Issa Boulos - 'Ud"Ammu" "Qird"
rhythms written and performed by Omar al-Musfi - Percussion

"Mali Shughul bi_al-sug," "Tal'a min Bait Abuha"
traditional Iraqi songs performed by Naeif Rafeh - Nay, Issa Boulos   - 'Ud & Omar al-Musfi - Percussion

"Get Used To It," "CrickLock Delta Bravo," "ComSat Angel," written and performed by Crumpler

"Plastic Like Delta" written and performed by Crumpler and Strepsata

"Eid Sacrifice," "One Last Drive," "Soft Landing," written and performed by Strepsata

"The March For Nothing," "The Missile Nap," written and performed by Andy Ortmann

"Off To War" written and produced by M. Gladney, BMI performed by G(riot)

Titles and Graphics by Sharif Ezzat

Translations by Hameed Alshaibi, Issa Boulos & Aladdin Alyacoubi

Still Photogrpahy (Historic) by Alyacoubi family & Alshaibi family

Color Correction by Bob Sliga

HD Studio Steve Panning Chicago HD

Legal: Ben Feldman, Epstein, Levinsohn, Bodine, Hurwitz and Weinstein LLP  

Fiscal Sponsorship by Ethan Michaeli We The People Media

Clip from Nightline Courtesy of ABC News Corp All rights reserved.

A Project of Creative Capital

With Additional Funding from The Playboy Foundation & Tribeca All Access Connects

This movie would not be possible without support of Holmes /production, Jessika Buitenweg & Michael Cleavenger

Additional Contributors: Tahmina Ashraf, Steven Stwalley, Jennifer O'Cahan, Amiee Jacobsen, Lee McKee, Aaron Malone, L. Joe Dunman, Christa Kriesel, Rachael Olson, Alyce Ornella, Heather Sadilek, Sherwin Cho, Theresa Senft, Joshua Weiner, Scott Bateman, Carola Lea, Creston Lea, Kerrie Mathes, Sheila Semaan, Helena Kvarnstrom, Ivona Elenton, Josi & Robert Madera, Richard Bluestein, Whitney Gaylord, Brian Klein, Andrew Moormann, Russell Lewis , Melissa R. Hayes, Danielle Ni Dhighe, Gym Jones, Lauren Carter, Jon Evans, Paula Miller, Jennifer Levelwind, Rob Medina, Evil Conspiracy , , Scott Ecksel , Angela Bradley, Ana Voog, Tiffany Alexander, Lucas Brown

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